13.5in Palantir

ID: 5030

Palantír Water Pipe

palantír (pl. palantíri) is a fictional magical artefact from J. R. R. Tolkien's fantasy legendarium. A palantír(sometimes translated as "Seeing Stone" but literally meaning "Farsighted" or "One that Sees from Afar"; cf., from Wikipedia

Unbelievable curves of this bong are concentrated into a magical artefact in the middle. Richly colored base of this bong is is decorated with flames. This bong also comes with a Skull bowl.


19.75 oz / 560 g
13.5 in / 34,3 cm
0.157 in / 4 mm
1.57 in / 40 mm
Glass on Glass
0.57 in / 14,5 mm
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