13.8in Hourglass Bong

ID: 5016

Original glass bong

Silver fumed color changing glass on glass water bong with remarkable ice holder in the mid-section and unique bong appearance of an hourglass. Enjoy a comfortable use due to a bended shape of a glass tube and glass on glass joint.

This water pipe can be used for dabbing if you purchase the Dab Righ Glass on Glass Bowl with it.


Customizable glass bong

Let others know who own this bong! Add a glass stamp with your monogram on it or even a custom lettering up to 20 letters.

Detailed information about customization options.


16.09 oz / 456 g
13.80 in / 35 cm
0.157 in / 4 mm
1.26 in / 32 mm
Glass on Glass
0.57 in / 14,5 mm
In stock

Water Pipes


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