13in Mystic Bend

ID: 5044

Round Bottom Bong

This is a medium-sized pyrex glass water bong with a special stem. The curved stem is fixed to the glass-on-glass joint and to the middle of the base of the bong. There is a small hole at the bottom of the stem that ensures the smoke will go through as much water as possible. The only detachable part is a bowl which is designed to protect your fingers from burns - the outer glass always stays cool.

This beauty is also ready for ice - there are three deep notches that will hold enough ice so you could take part in a chewing gum commercial.


Customize this bong 

Replace the marble with a unique one with your own initials and add a lettering to the bong. Read more details about customization .


13.58 oz / 385 g
0.157 in / 4 mm
Glass on Glass
0.57 in / 14,5 mm
In stock

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