15.75in The Serpentine

ID: 5043

Rare Glass Bong

Thick mouthpiece, unique shape, beautiful coloring, separated bowl and stem. The biggest marble can carry your initials. But let's forget about features for a moment and just look at those pictures.


If you are into features and technical stuff, you will love The Serpentine too. It is heavy, it was made of thick 4 mm / 40 mm (thickness and diameter) pyrex glass and it has separated bowl and stem that connects through a top-grade german glass-on-glass joint.

Bowl and stem included, for spare one click here.


17.92 oz / 508 g
15.75 in / 40 cm
0.157 in / 4 mm
1.57 in / 40 mm
Glass on Glass
0.75 in / 18,8 mm
In stock

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