16.5in Blue Percolator Bong

ID: 5674

Hand-blown glass water bong with a percolator

Exquisite water bong from Vbongs glassworks made of pure pyrex (borosilicate) glass with a neat percolator. The bong is 16.5 inches heigh and it consists of four parts that must be done separately - a base, a mouthpiece, a percolator and a bowl. This elegant bong is decorated with blue color on the mouthpiece, the percolator and on the base where it is also silver fumed for a color changinge effect. The bowl has a double-glass and a big marble to ensure your safety when handling. The proper tempering must have been done to achieve a firmness of the glass with such complicated details and shapes. 

Do you want to see the hand-blowing process? Watch this video on youtube! 

This bong can be also used with this 14.5 mm dabbing bowl (new window).

Customization options

Add a custom lettering or a personal stamp with your monogram to make this bong absolutely unique! Read this article to see how you can customize bongs from Vbongs! (new window)


16.5 in / 42 cm
19 oz / 538 g
0.157 in / 4 mm
1.26 in / 32 mm
Glass on Glass
0.57 in / 14,5 mm
In stock

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