16in Speckled Precooler Bong

ID: 5029

Glass Bong with a Precooler

Magnificent hand-blown water pipe with unique precooler and an ice holder. A base of the bong is decorated with special coloring technique called fritting using blue and red colors. Having a precooler attached to a bong is very handy. It not only cools the smoke but it also catches the smoke residual and ashes therefore it keeps the bong cleaner for longer period of time. A big marble in the mid section can be replaced by a custom personal stamp with your monogram. If you like, you can add a lettering to the mid section too.


16 in / 41 cm
27.3 oz / 775 g
0.20 in / 5 mm
1.57 in / 40 mm
Glass on Glass
0.75 in / 18,8 mm
In stock

Water Pipes


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