8.47in Red Glass on Glass Bubbler

ID: 5014

Unique Glass on Glass Bubbler

This massive amazingly colored bubbler, with glass on glass joint and double glass bowl that will never burn you, is all you need to maximize the pleasure of smoking. Nonskid marbles prevent unwanted accidents and also evoke the artistic value of this unique masterpiece. See a beautiful bowl holder that allows you to inhale all the smoke by pulling the bowl out at the end of a hit.

This bubbler can be used for dabing if you buy Dab Righ Glass on Glass Bowl with it.


13 oz / 368 g
8.47 in / 21,5 cm
0.20 in / 5 mm
1.58 in / 40 mm
Glass on Glass
0.57 in / 14,5 mm
In stock

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