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Customize a new bong with your personal monogram, a custom writing or with your favorite poker hand!

Customization options

With you have an unique opportunity to personalize your pipes and bongs. Since we are the producers of our goods, we can do pretty much anything you desire. If you have any special requirement, feel free to contact us. Now we are going to list our standard customization options.

Custom Writing

The most common bong customization is an inscription. Do you want to add a name on your new water bong? Great! Choose from four colors and add up to 20 letters and give your waterpipe even more unique look. 

Personal stamp with monogram

An unique option of personalization is adding a personal stamp with monogram. Add up to three letters and give your new water pipe the hallmark of luxury.



Pick your favourite texas holdem poker hand

We love Texas Hold'em Poker and according to WPT there are more than 100 million people worldwide who share our passion. As a result we decided to add a little something for poker players. You can show your love for the game by buying our special Poker Glass  such as very nice Poker Symbols or poker related water bongs. The top product is our Favourite Hand Poker Bong which can be customized with your favourite hand! Did you win a big poker tournament and want to preserve memories? With our high-class hand blown bong you can! Do you have a favourite hand that you like to play every single time it's dealt to you? Does any card combination mean something to you? Customize your bong for free.


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