Glass on Glass Precooler

ID: 6028

Inhale the coolest smoke you can get out of a bong! Having a precooler attached to your bong not only helps by cooling the smoke, but it also catches a lot of the smoke residue and ash from the bowl so your bong stays cleaner for longer period of time. You can use this precooler with any bong with 0.75 in / 18.8 mm joint and a stem shorter than 4 in / 10 cm.

The precooler consists of a downstem that goes directly into the bong's female part of a glass on glass joint (4 inches) and a slide that goes into the precooler (3 inches). Both parts have diffusers to enforce spreading of the smoke.

This is the original spare precooler for Caramel Precooler Bong.


0.75 in / 18,8 mm
Glass on Glass
4 in / 10 cm
3 in / 7,6 cm
In stock


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