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Second round of limited sales on! Two Precoolers and The Riddler!

Special Bong Sale Two

It seems you enjoyed the first sale so here is the second one! Once again we have three discounts on three great bongs! This offer is limited.


RawOG's Speckled Bong (32% discount)


Maybe you saw this amazing bong in one of RawOG's YouTube videos (like this one ) and now you can have it too.

Don't forget about customization options! Get the bong here.

Special Bong Sale Two - Speckled Precooler Bong


Caramel Precooler (35% discount)

Thick piece of glass with a leaf decoration and useful big precooler. The real deal. Get it here.

For $77 it's spend another $11 to qualify for the free shipping so either get some customization or look for some spoon pipeschillums or other hand pipes

Bong Sale Two - Caramel Precooler Bong


The Riddler (20% discount)

What kind of weed are you smoking? How high can it take you? Who ate all the pizza? That's the riddle! 

Bong Sale Two - The Riddler


Don't forget to check out our hand-pipes value sets and cheap bongs categories!

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