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Limited discount offer for three extraordinary glass bongs!

Special Bong Sale

Three discounts on three great bongs! Stop hestitating, now it's the time! This offer is limited.


Famous Blue Percolator (22% discount)

This outstanding piece of work has well documented creation process you might have seen our video. If you have not, make sure to check it out here  Don't forget about customization options! Get it here.

For $77 it's spend another $11 to qualify for the free shipping so either get some customization or look for some spoon pipes, chillums or other hand pipes

Bong Sale - Blue Percolator Bong


Mesmerizing Spiral (37% discount)

This amazing thick and heavy Silver Spiral Water Bong is 14.7 inches high and has a fascinating silver fumed spiral in the mid section. Get it here.

Bong Sale - Silver Spiral Water Bong


Still not convinced?


Legendary Stones (53% discount)

We would like to present you really unique offer. Save $310 on this legendary "Rolling Stones" bong and enjoy your special moments with style!

Bong Sale - Rolling Stones Bong


Make sure to check out our hand-pipes value sets and cheap bongs categories!

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