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Do you want something really unique and special? Don't like the stock options of customization? Nevermind, we can do more!

Many of you know that we are not just an online store with some glass pipes. All of our bongs and pipes are handmade in our own glassworks, therefore we can customize anything to your liking.


Personal Customization

In this case, a customer wrote us an email asking if we could add some octopi to our Speckled Precooler Bong, sent us some pictures, a sketch and two sentences: 'Vaclav (Zanetti, Vbongs glassblower) can choose what colors the octopus should be! Also he can pick where to place them.' We agreed on three octopuses.



Few days later the bong was ready. 


Custom Octopus Speckled Precooler BongDetail Custom Octopus

How do you like the result? Tell us in the comments!


Remember, if you want some customization, let us know and describe your idea.