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Joint Types Description

Joint Types Description

We divide water bongs in two categories based on their type of joint - Rubber Grommet and Glass on Glass. In general, Glass on Glass joints are used in better bongs and waterpipes because of its quality, price and difficulty of making.

Rubber Grommet

Water bongs with rubber grommet joints are cheaper than ones with glass on glass joints because of the difficulty of making it. Rubber grommet joint is basically a hole precisely burnt into the bong and filled with rubber grommet where you insert a bowl. These bongs usually have a carb hole because it is harder to pull out the bowl. The rubber should be replaced once in a while and it is advised to use an oil for a maintenance and longer lifespan.
Usually there is just one standard size of the rubber grommet joint, therefore if you have an old bowl, most likely you can use it unless the downstem is too long.
Although we create a matching bowls, you can ask for a different one if you like some other more than the original, just check the length of the downstem in specs - it must be the same or shorter than the original.

Glass on Glass

Water bongs with glass on glass joint are much harder to make, therefore more expensive but on the other hand it is way more comfortable to use. We use top quality grinded joints from Germany. The glass on glass joint consists of two parts - a male and a female. The female part is welded on a bong and the male part is welded on the downstem. Usually, water bongs with these joints does not have a carb hole. A user can easily pull out a bowl and adjust a combination of air and a smoke. If you desire a carb hole on the bong you like anyway, just write us a note in the cart and we will make it for you for free.
 The concept of glass on glass joint results in much more comfortable use with no maintenance. Its superior quality predetermines it to use in high-class water bongs.
There are two sizes of glass on glass joints available in our e-shop - 14,5 mm / 0.57” and 18,8 mm / 0.75”. If you want other than the original bowl for your bong, just check the length in specs - a downstem must be the same or a little shorter than the original and the joint size must match.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in comments or write us an e-mail.